The Affordable Items Your Favorite It Girls Will Probably Pick Up

If there is one thing we're great at spotting, it's fashion girls wearing affordable products. The most common fast-fashion brands you'll see include Zara, Topshop, and Forever 21, but there is one particular girl gang who supports Mango above all else. They typically identify themselves via the hashtag #MangoGirls (which you should definitely check out if you are in need of some fresh outfit ideas), and they are typically the first to show off the latest Mango product with their carefully curated Instagram accounts.

Beyond the stylish inspiration these forward women provide us with, they also motivated us to dig through the new arrivals section at Mango ourselves and while doing so, we struck some serious gold. From the gorgeous silk beaded slip dress Patricia Manfield is wearing in the following image, to some pieces that honestly look designer, we have a feeling Mango might become one of your new favorite affordable retailers after you shop our selections ahead.

Go on to see how It girls have styled Mango products recency and to shop our favorite new arrivals from the retailer for yourself.