Buy These Sneakers When You're Over Every Pair You Own

We count on trendsetting celebrities to predict what the next big thing will be. But, it's when they wear something that's actually budget-friendly that we take an extra pause for consideration. Sure, an "It" bag may be out of your price range, but sneakers are a different story. Lately, celebs have broken out a handful of new and affordable (as in under-$100 affordable) styles. From revitalized classics to buzzy newbies, there's a little something for everyone.

Looking to the chic feet of trendsetters ranging from Bella Hadid to Selena Gomez, we're taking a look at their affordable footwear (and how they're wearing it too). Armed with these six celeb-approved pairs of tennis shoes, you'll have the freedom to mix up your look over the next few months, without totally maxing out your budget. Now that's what we consider a win-win.

Check out the six under-$100 sneaker styles celebrities are wearing right now!