5 Cool Looks to Wear to the Gym (and Beyond)

Honestly, it's been a while since we interpreted the active part of activewear to strictly mean working up a sweat. We're just as likely (okay, more likely, even) to wear our favorite leggings and sports bras on a morning coffee run as we are on an actual run, and items from our gym drawers are increasingly ending up in other sections of our wardrobes.

The best activewear brands are getting this and designing high-performance, high-cool-factor pieces we'll be wearing whether there's a yoga class in sight or not. JoyLab, the activewear line we co-designed with Target, is hitting this out of the park right now, offering up so many good prints and on-trend pieces designed with this season's styles in mind. Behold five cool ways we're sneakily wearing activewear every day—no gym necessary.

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