Real Brides Share Their Best Wedding Day Advice

If you’re a bride to be, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time on bridal blogs. But where does the endless flow of information stop and the good advice actually start? With been-there-done-that real brides, of course. I’m set to marry next year, and I want to know the big-day details I won’t read everywhere else. The real-people advice. So rather selfishly, I asked some seriously stylish ladies about their number one fashion regret from their big day (you can thank me later).

I discovered some seriously handy tips (so many things about a veil I hadn’t considered), to take into account before, during, and after the wedding day.

Keen to hear what you can learn from these seven fashionable brides? Read on.

"I don't have any regrets about the day, but the only one I wish I did, is clean my shoes the day after the wedding. It was a little muddy, and I left them aside and forgot about for a little while. When I actually went to clean them, the mud wouldn’t come off now the leather is stained." 

—Angela Honeywell, The Candle Library

"I wore a strapless Vera Wang dress and wish I'd known to not pull it up straight after I'd fixed my lip gloss. It was just before I walked down the aisle, and I ended up with a big finger smear of blush gloss on my dress. Not exactly how I pictured my Vera entrance. Lesson learnt: Always make sure your hands are clean before you fix your dress!

Also, if I could do our wedding all over again, I'd wear Valentino. I wore a very classic Vera Wang dress with a black sash and black lace Valentino shoes."

—Georgie Abay, The Grace Tales


Courtesy of Georgie Abay

"I wish I had worn a red lip. At the last minute, I decided not to as I thought it would be too much work—but now that I see photos, I think it would have really finished off my look."

—Kelly Muller, Publicist


Tane Coffin

Kelly is pictured second from the left.

"I wish I had a designated box or place for my veil at the reception. I took it off after photos but wasn't really sure what to do with it. It ended up scrunched in a ball, which is obviously isn't ideal. A nice box or bag to place it in would have been handy."

—Leigh Campbell, The Huffington Post Australia



"I wish I’d spent the money on the shoes I really wanted—white cage Gianvito Rossi heels. I took some advice to get my shoes made, and I really regret that. The quality wasn’t good and it was a pain to do. I am a shoe person so I’m upset with myself that I didn’t just go with my gut. Also, I don’t usually get sore feet, but one of the reasons I needed to leave my wedding early was foot pain. It was overwhelmingly bad. So I’d wear Party Feet, even though I don’t in my everyday life.

I wore control shorts because my dress was quite fitted. I didn’t anticipate how hot I would get, and therefore how hard they would be to pull back up after I went to the toilet. I’m not sure that’s avoidable, but be sure to bring your most shameless bestie into the toilet with you. Oh how we laughed.

One thing I did that is maybe a bit untraditional that I definitely don’t regret, is wear red lingerie. I wear a lot of nice, safe-coloured lace underwear in my everyday life, so I wanted to surprise him. That meant I had to go and change when we got back to the room, but it was worth it. The look on his face = unforgettable. I bought a satin set from Agent Provocateur."

—Alison Rice, Group Publisher, Allure Media


Arunas Photography

"I wish I put in more thought for my shoes. I had a beautiful pair of sheer Badgley Mishka ankle boots and they were so comfortable, up until 8 p.m., and then my feet were swollen and sore from all the dancing already (Armenian wedding = dancing never stops!). I wish I thought about my second shoe option more, I rushed and ended up buying a boring pair of nude flats, because I felt like they were bridal appropriate, but the whole point of your accessories on your wedding day is an extension of your personality. I never liked the flats, and I never wanted to change into them, which meant the heels ended up hurting my feet."

—Aleen Apanian, The Dark Horse


Courtesy of Aleen Alpen

"I thought I was pretty organised when it came to my wedding dress. I had a floaty Reem Acra gown with a detachable skirt and super long veil for the ceremony, then a 'party' veil (a shorter, dancing-appropriate one) for the reception. What I hadn't given much thought to was how the veils would sit in my hair. I knew I wanted them up high somewhere but figured I would sort it on the day. Of course, the morning of the wedding I was so keen to get to the church that my bridesmaids and I just quickly pinned in the big veil and I really didn't look at it before we left (I'm crazy punctual and found it very hard to be five minutes late to the church!) Then when I changed into the party veil before the reception again it was a whirlwind of photos and cocktails and I barely looked in the mirror. Now looking back I wish I'd worn both veils up way higher then I did. It's only a small regret but whenever I see those photos I want to push those veils up dammit. Lesson: Take your veil to your hair trial and make time to try on your complete outfit before the day including shoes, special underwear and headpieces. 

My BIG regret is a beauty one—I got married in the middle of a heat wave and while I'd had a hair trial I certainly hadn't anticipated what the heat would do to my hair and makeup. Oh how I wish, wish I given myself a little blot and spritz of dry shampoo pre-reception. And mid-reception. The irony was of course the bathroom of the marquee was stocked with all those goodies and more. But, the reason I forgot? Because I was having the best dang night of my life. So it's no big deal. But if you're getting married in high summer and wearing your hair down like I did... Give your bridesmaid the dry shamps and set them reminder alarms."

—Alexis Teasdale, Cosmopolitan Bride Australia



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