Surprise! The New Yeezy Sneakers Look Very Different



Mark your calendar for June 4, because the next iteration of Kanye West's Yeezy sneakers is coming. The new Powerphase sneakers are decidedly different than the ever-popular Boosts. Where older sneaker styles were sporty and streamlined, the Powerphase has more of a sleek, classic feel with a white leather body with Adidas's classic three stripes. And while older Yeezy sneakers commanded a pretty steep price tag, this time around the new design will retail for $120, a price similar to other classic sneaker styles currently on the market.

This year, we've seen throwback-inspired sneakers gaining popularity, so it's fitting that the new Yeezys also have a cool retro vibe. They'll be an easy pairing with jeans, but they're simple enough to look great with your favorite dress, too. Suffice to say, these are the sneakers you're about to see everywhere this summer.

Read on to see the new Yeezy Powerphase, launching next week. Then shop current Adidas sneakers.