How Our Favorite It Girls Are Wearing Adidas Sneakers Right Now

Some brands never go out of style. Whether it’s Levi’s classic 501s or a simple Hanes T-shirt that can easily be paired with just about anything, there are certain fail-safe pieces that will always be relevant, immune to passing fads and predilections. One brand that seems to be a forever favorite of the fashion community—consistently serving up sneaker staples and sporty basics for the past several decades—is Adidas. The label has maintained its popularity through the changing of seasons, retained its cultural relevance collaborating with the top brass in fashion and entertainment (Kanye West, Stella McCartney, and Yohji Yamamoto, to name a few), found success in its roots with its Originals collection, and most recently tapped Kendall Jenner as its newest ambassador. With the rise in athleisure and the acceptance of streetwear to outfit elevated ensembles, more and more fashion girls are stepping out in Adidas—from its retro Originals sneakers to its newest statement-making offerings. 

Below we’ve rounded up some of the coolest ways our favorite fashion girls are wearing Adidas.