Adele Is Doing Something Radically Different With Her Tour Style

If you've caught one of Adele's concerts during her 25 world tour, you will have definitely noticed her striking sequined dress, which was custom-designed by Burberry. With a timeless column silhouette, the dress itself might not seem out of the ordinary—until you realize that it's the only outfit she's wearing the entire concert.

That's right: In stark contrast to singers who change upward of 10 times during each and every concert, Adele will be wearing the custom number all night every night during her tour. To get the scoop on the dress, Billboard interviewed Adele's stylist, Gaelle Paul, who told the magazine that her goal was to create the "one great dress that went the extra mile and that really wowed."

The final frock is based on Burberry's Hand-Embroidered Sequin Dress ($6592) from the Pre-Fall 16 collection. "It's a flower print done in sequin, and the sequins flow in different directions," Paul told Billboard. "It's an unusual fabric technique, creating the galaxy-star effect you see when you see her onstage and on film."

We love how her one-dress policy puts the focus on her amazing talent rather than the spectacle of an over-the-top show. But will other artists follow suit and ditch the outfit changes? Only time will tell.

Scroll down to see Adele's 25 tour look and shop the dress that inspired it!

Do you think other artists will catch on to Adele's one-dress policy for tours? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop more affordable sequined dresses, from Forever 21!

Opening Image: Getty Images