Rihanna's Go-To Designer Made a Dress That Works as a Credit Card

Since e-commerce has become less of a fad and more of the norm in terms of how people shop for clothing and accessories, the fashion industry has grappled with how best to adapt to a newly technological shopping landscape. Rihanna's designer and stylist Adam Selman has teamed up with MasterCard for a new sort of solution: being able to actually use fashion items to shop.

MasterCard's new program allows shoppers to make payments using pretty much any and every wearable device. To kick off the program, the credit card teamed up with Selman to debut a line of items loaded and ready to be used as currency: a dress (seen above), gloves, earrings, and sunglasses, all designed by Selman. 

In laywoman's terms, these items take the place of credit cards when you want to buy something. So when you go to buy a coffee, you will be able to swipe your dress or sunglasses instead of a card. The point of all this? To make it easier than ever for you to buy stuff.

"Technology is vital to the fashion industry," Selman says in a statement from MasterCard. "From textiles, printing techniques, and innovations in garments, it keeps fashion changing and evolving. Usually technology’s role in fashion is behind the scenes; what sets the MasterCard program apart is that it features the technology, while still remaining invisible, yet interactive and totally functional with the wearer. It’s exciting to be part of a project that is creating something new and fresh. At the end of the day, that’s what fashion is all about."

What do you think of the credit card–meets-dress Adam Selman created for MasterCard? Tell us in the comments below, and watch this clip to get a better understanding of exactly how the technology will work.