Wool Hats

Fedoras are finished, newsboys have been nixed, and skull caps are simply silly. But what would Hollywood cats do without the latest hats? This fall, the headwear of choice is the slouchy wool cap. It's a nice nod to the fall season in the land of perpetual sunshine, not to mention heaps better looking then the mini-skirt, tank top, scarf, and Uggs combination that overpopulated Robertson in autumns past. While Frank Sinatra espoused tipping one's hat ("The attitude's in the angle."), we like the slouchy cap worn on the back of the head. Push it far enough back so that tendrils of hair peek out and frame the face. While it's been said that said cap looks like the product of a Rastafarian/beanie/beret ménage-a-trois, it's certainly chic enough for day or night. On a recent trip to Paris, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wore a red cap to different events. Ashley wore it during a daytime shopping spree, while MK popped it on for a party at night. Recently, Rachel Bilson slipped one on (in winter white) for a Teen Vogue Young Hollywood--perhaps an inspiration from the Fall 06 Marc by Marc Jacobs show? Simple yet sophisticated, the slouchy wool cap provides a perfect finishing touch to any look.

1) Mary Kate Olsen at the Christian Dior Spring 2007 show, Paris.
2) Keira Knightley shopping in London.
3) Model in the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2006 show, New York.
4) Model in Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 show, New York.
5) Model in Sonia Rykiel Fall 2006 show, New York.
6) Rachel Bilson at the Teen Vogue YH Party, LA.