Super Cinchers

Dear readers, it's time to get waisted. Break out your belts, because a cinched middle makes a major statement right now. As always, Sienna and Kate push the fashion envelope with their bold belt choices. Sienna's belt/bra/holster is slightly out there, as is Kate's maxi piece, but fret not for there are many wearable options around.

The double buckle belt (as seen here on Gemma Ward, above right) is the popularity contest frontrunner so far. It looks great over a loose tunic (make sure the top is at least hip length) or on a dress (like seen on Gucci's Spring runway, above far left). Tyra's obi-style belt is another option. A belt in a contrasting color to your outfit will draw attention to your waist, while something in a similar shade will subtly showcase this area. Your editors have very different body types, but this trend looks surprisingly cute on both of us! Trust us, we promise we wouldn't waste your time...

Belts from top down:
Double buckle belt, $75,
Obi belt, $98,
Anthropologie "By A Nose" belt, $78,
Celine belt, $540,