As much as we adore Chucks (they will always remind us of cute boys from the past), they've been hogging the spotlight for a couple of years now. We think it's time to acknowledge another favorite sneaker, because Vans deserve love too! Hence today's Accessory Report, which is really more of a good, old-fashioned reminder, celebrating Vans' glorious classic slip-on sneaker.

Part of the impetus for this story is due to the frequency readers ask what shoes they should wear to get coffee (especially since Uggs-comfy they may be- are no longer an option, particularly in the summer). So, inquiring minds, we direct you to slip-ons, preferably in a solid neutral or simple print.

Indubitably there's a plethora of places, and ways, you can wear these sneaks other than to your local caffeine depot. Slip-ons have a slightly broad shape that is an excellent compliment to wide-legged jeans. They're a fresh alternative to ubiquitous ballet flats and impart a short skirt or dress with a relaxed vibe. Wear them with jean shorts (like Ashley) in a light color to length your legs or chose a pattern to perk up an otherwise monochromatic outfit. If none of these reasons are convincing, you can always wear them to channel a classic style icon-Spicoli, in checkerboards, of course!

Details (from top to bottom):
Vans Classic Slip-ons in white, $44.95,
Vans Classic Slip-ons in black and grey stripes, $54.95,
Vans Classic Slip-Ons in Dots black/white/red, $39.99,

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