According to a recent influx of email, it seems you, dear readers, want to know what's what with sunglasses. As you may have guessed, sunglass trends are fickle and change with lightening-like speed. One day you're the only one wearing your mother's Neostyle Nautic 2 vintage shades and then (in what seems like literally hours) they're on every Donna, Brenda, and Kelly. Of course there's always the classic option-Ray-Ban Wayfarer-that was recently re-launched and is even better than ever. When it comes to iconic sunglasses in film, the director's choice is always the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Originally released in 1953, the first stylish plastic frames produced have been sported by such famous characters as Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's), Joel Goodsen (Risky Business), Jake Elwood (The Blues Brothers), and Mr. White (Reservoir Dogs). We started noticing them on many stylish ladies this past summer and welcomed this alternative to the large-framed glasses of such recent popularity (which are still fine if you want to wear them for a bit longer). Photo of Kirsten courtesy of www.x17online.com