Chanel Bags

Not to get all Tammy Faye on you, but WhoWhatWearDaily is feeling a little PTL (Praise the Lord). It seems that everyone is finally storing their Balenciaga Motorcycles and Fendi Spy Bags. With these handbags in retirement, an old classic-Chanel-is becoming the newest Young Hollywood staple.

Photos of Mischa, Nicky, and Nicole are courtesy of www.x17online.comUnlike Tinsletown's policy on actress, when it comes to Chanel, older is better. While new certainly works, it's vintage Coco that's causing the frenzy of the moment. Pieces from the 80's are currently the most desirable. The color is not important, bigger is definitely considered better and chains are a must.

Unless you are either lucky enough to have a stylist to source you a bag or able to jet to Paris (that's where MK got the black one that Ashley borrowed above) for vintage shopping, WhoWhatWearDaily suggests hitting up eBay. Things to keep in mind: Make sure the seller establishes that the bag is 100% authentic. Demand the authenticity card (it matches the hologram sticker with serial number inside the bag). Finally, look at the seller's feedback and make sure it's completely positive-ratings are there for a reason. Bonne chance!