Big Scarves

It seems many stylish celebrities know that bigger is better-at least when it comes to scarves. While a casual observer might chalk this recent trend up to the weather (it is winter, after all), we, your eagled-eyed editors, refuse to kowtow to such simplistic reasoning (no Occam's razor for us!). Pourquoi? Well, these large-and-in-charge scarves are actually the key point to an outfit. Lately, ladies like Kate Moss have been focusing on these super-sized designer scarves in lieu of fancy tops. They'll just throw on a normal t-shirt or tank and reach for a bit of neck flair. These said scarves are so gigantic that they'll get all the attention, and no one will notice what's being covered.

To emulate this look, we suggest finding a scarf that's just a tiny bit shy of one's height. That way, when folded around one's neck it will hang approximately halfway down the body. We're particularly keen on unfussy styling. Either simply loop the scarf around your neck or, do as Mischa does, fold the scarf in half and tuck the free ends through the loop on the opposite side. photos of Mischa and Kate, courtesy of