15 Stylish Hats to Wear All Summer Long

With the arrival of warmer weather and vacations on the horizon, there’s also a new accessory to start wearing again: hats. Not only can they transform an outfit, but they also perform the important duty of shielding out those bright rays. So, if you’re planning a trip anywhere sunny, you’ll probably want to pack some of the cool styles we’re seeing this season.

There are some classic styles—like the Panama hat and the fedora—that return every year. Fashion girls continue to wear these styles, but they’re finding new and unexpected ways to style them with satin slip dresses or off-the-shoulder tops. We’ve also been seeing more trend-driven styles, like the boater hat and flat-brim hats, which we expect to see more of. Want to see how to wear hats this summer?

Keep reading to see the styles fashion girls are wearing, and shop 15 of our favorite pieces.