Abbey Lee on the Role That Could Have Been “Career Suicide”

When you watch Abbey Lee on the big screen (see: Mad Max: Fury Road and Gods of Egypt), it’s quickly apparent that her acting career is no flash in the pan. But it’s this month’s fashion thriller, The Neon Demon, that gives us the Australian beauty’s best work yet. Tapping into a world she knows very well, Lee delivers a scarily good performance as Sarah, a model wrought with jealousy when a fresh face (the über-talented Elle Fanning) lands in L.A. and earns the admiration of everyone in the fashion industry overnight. The main takeaway: Beauty is dangerous.

As a former model who has worked with everyone from Terry Richardson to Karl Lagerfeld, Lee was not naïve to the repercussions that could come from doing a film that puts the harsh realities of the industry all out on the table. But that’s what we love about her: Whether it’s her edgy style or choice of roles, she’s not afraid to take a risk.

Here, we chat with Lee about revisiting her former career onscreen, the positives and negatives that come from the world of modeling, and what’s next. Keep reading for our exclusive interview.