You Have to See These Photos of '90s Supermodels When They Were Young

For any lover of fashion, there's something particularly enchanting about the '90s. In many ways, the decade was a golden era for everything about fashion we still celebrate today. We love seeing photos of the shameless designs that rocked the runways during fashion shows, which were spectacles in their own right, and the OG supermodel squad dazzling the public with their larger-than-life personalities, much like the Instagram stars of today.

Two decades removed, the '90s feel as fresh as ever, so what better place to draw inspiration from than the iconic first generation of supermodels. To close out the year that was obsessed with revisiting the feel-good decade, let's revisit some of our favorite '90s fashion girls with photos from when they first got started. From Cindy to Naomi to Kate, these ladies made a lasting mark on the fashion world and continue to influence the industry to this day.

See below for photos of our favorite '90s supermodels when they were young.