Rachel Bilson's Sneaker Advice Is Exactly What You Need to Hear

The best advice doesn't always come from huge revelations or momentous occasions—sometimes it's from the most run-of-the-mill conversations. Like two friends sitting on a couch. Case in point: our chat with Rachel Bilson.

The actress sat down with Who What Wear to unwind and tell us what's on her mind—topics ranged from why she's not a fan of cats (sorry, internet!) to the shoe choice that never steers her wrong ("When in doubt, wear sneakers," she says). While our bosses—and anyone who's ever invited us to a black-tie event—might disagree, this is one sage piece of advice we'll remember.

Keep watching for six other casual and insightful thoughts from Rachel Bilson, and then shop more sneakers styles that you can wear 24/7.