6 Stylish Gifts for the Friend Who Lives in Workout Clothes

You know that friend who gets to her workout of choice almost every day? Her skin glows, she’s sharp, and she hardly skips a beat in her well-thought-out schedule. Do something nice for your on-the-go friend this holiday season and gift her with Lucy activewear that you’ve tailored to her preferred workout.

Take the time to figure out what she loves: Is she a runner? Does she go to Pilates five times a week? Once you’ve narrowed down the options, choose the gift to match her workout personality. She’ll fondly think of you every time she tightens those laces or rolls up the mat.

Keep scrolling to see what to give your fitness-loving friend this holiday!

She probably doesn’t need too much gear, but a yogi takes on her practice as a seriously essential part of her overall well-being. Gift her with a killer pair of leggings and a cozy pullover she can throw on after she exhales her final namaste.

Sharp, dedicated, focused… If your friend is a runner, then you just know she wakes up at the crack of dawn to tackle her ritual route. A thicker puffer vest will keep her cozy (and unconfined) as she zips through her run, keeping that exhilarating buzz going without worrying about the cooler temps.

Don’t you wish you could make your Spinning appointments every time like she does? It gets warm in those classes, so she might appreciate layers that she can peel off before she steps on the bike or zip up when she steps outside the class.

Whether she’s doing squats, running on the treadmill, or lifting weights, the gym-goer likes to do all the above while also keeping her fitness schedule flexible. Make her gift casual, like a pair of pull-on knit joggers that she can wear to the gym.

What kind of fit friend do you have to shop for this season? Tell us in the comments below.