Meet the 50-Minute Phone Rule Vogue Wants You to Follow

Vogue is certainly more well known for doling out style advice than life advice. But every now and then, the fashion bible impresses us with its aptitude for catalytic life changes.

Vogue recently highlighted what is referred to as the 50-minute phone rule. The idea is that you limit your screen time each day by not looking at your phone (or any electronic device, actually) in the 50 minutes before bed and 50 minutes after you wake up in the morning.

Writer Michelle Ruiz spoke to a holistic healer on the subject of digital oversaturation, and he pointed her toward a motivational speaker named Brendon Burchard—whose words on the matter are chillingly accurate.

"When you check your phone, you’re checking into the world’s false emergencies," Burchard says. "Your inbox is nothing but a convenient system of other people’s agendas. If you jump in there, you’re reacting. Day after day, week after week, your life becomes a life of reaction."

The reader tried out the 50-minute phone rule for a week, and her learnings are fascinating. Head to Vogue to read her full account, and keep scrolling to shop our favorite phone cases now!