The "3-Place Buy" Rule That Will Change the Way You Shop

Photo: Style du Monde

If you're anything like us, you probably get a sort of euphoric high when shopping. You know—the idea of finding that dream pair of shoes on sale or discovering a sold-out dress is now magically in stock. While purchasing your new "must-have" can undoubtedly bring you great satisfaction, that elation can quickly diminish if you simply buy something just because of the thrill it gives you.

The trick to ensuring you made the right shopping choice—and will be just as happy with the purchase as when you initially spotted it online or in the store—is to really think strategically about it and not just buy for the sake of buying. Sure, you could practice the 3-7-14 rule we swear by, but there's another rule we tend to follow to inform our shopping decisions—we're calling it the "3-place buy" rule.

The idea here is to think about three places you'll wear the item you have your eye on. If you can immediately call those places to mind, then it's a go. For example, I can wear this blouse to work, on the weekends, and out. If you can't really nail down how to mix and match it within your wardrobe, it may not be the best bet. But of course, there are exceptions to every rule. For example, we totally understand the need to invest in a special dress that may only be worn to one type of occasion, like a wedding.

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