3 Cold-Weather Accessories to Instantly Complete Your Look

Have you ever had that “aha” moment when you pull on a scarf or wear a hat and your look suddenly feels complete? Well, it’s not just you: Choosing completer pieces, especially cold-weather accessories, updates your look by adding dimension and an extra dose of chic. Globe-trotting blogger Sonya Esman of Class Is Internal teamed with BCBGeneration to find the essential cold-weather pieces that complete her look, no matter where she finds herself. You can get this look too—it just takes three easy pieces.

Keep scrolling to see how Sonya styles her cold-weather accessories and for a look into how you can re-create her look.

“Stoles can take a black winter uniform to exciting and chic literally all by accessorizing with a scarf. ” — Sonya Esman

“Obviously it’s not realistic for everybody to wear a new coat every day, but stocking up on wool hats is definitely not any less valuable.” — Sonya Esman

“It’s so easy to feel bored when you wear the same winter jacket every day, but adding an exciting, interchangeable scarf every day can quite literally make you feel fresh and alive in the colder months.” — Sonya Esman

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