10 Trends Bloggers Are Wearing in 2017

Barely a week into 2017, we are already seeing some of the trends we predicted would be huge this year at play IRL. Since fashion bloggers are definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to styling, brands, and the like, trusting their judgment (and taste) is always a good idea. So far, 2017 is looking like a good year for the ladies ahead as they rock some of the season's freshest trends like it ain't no thang.

Maybe it's their styling techniques, maybe it's the trends themselves, or maybe it's just us, but we've never seen preppy plaids, '80s glam, and costume jewelry pieces look so good. To be quite frank, we really can't wait to test out the 2017 trends for ourselves. Are you ready for your most stylish year yet?

Keep reading to see which 2017 trends fashion bloggers are already wearing and then shop their looks.