5 Celebrity Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

Celebrity Halloween costumes are a dime a dozen, but not all of them are particularly easy to re-create, distinctive, and fashion girl–approved. But they exist, and we're here to help you nail it. You could go to one of those pop-up costume shops and settle on the best cat costume you come across, but you'd be cheating yourself of a costume that lives up to your style savvy. Sure, not everyone will be able to pinpoint exactly who you're "supposed to be" at first glance, but rest assured that your style-minded friends will immediately know that you're dressed as Bella Hadid in her signature '90s-era garb or Rihanna decked out in Fenty Puma.

So even though you may not know what you'll be doing on Halloween yet, it's never too soon to figure out what you'll be wearing. And if you love celeb style stars, look no further.

Below see our five favorite celebrity costumes to try this year, and shop the pieces needed to re-create them.