2016 Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere 

As we’ve learned, all trends come and go. However, not all are created equal, and while some fad’s lifespans are quite short, others make their mark for much longer. This means that for every trend you probably shouldn’t have wasted money on, there’s another one out there that you get to wear for more time than expected, making your investment well worth it. So in an effort to keep things positive, today we’re rounding up the latter with our list of 2016 trends that are still going to be very much in style this year. This was done with some help, of course, from Melissa Moylan, Creative Director of Womenswear at trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, who broke down the trends that everyone will still be wearing and why—so if you didn’t invest in them before, you’re sure to now.

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage