Hollywood's Hats

Hat head? Pshaw, the residents of Tinseltown do not worry about such mortal quandaries. Instead, celebrity trendsetters have embraced the entire hat spectrum, whether as a means of styling their outfits or attempting to slink around unnoticed. If youÂ'd like to get a little incognito via this popular and classic look, we have all the information on what style to snag and where the bold-faced names buy their brims of choice.

The major fashion houses (Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci) always make dome-toppers galore, or you could hit up important vintage stores (The Way We Wore, Resurrection, Decades, What Goes Around Comes Around) for unique pieces. Currently though, there are a handful of hot hatters that Hollywood covets: Eugenia Kim (popular styles like the Muffy 4, $195 cashmere equestrian cap, are worn by Madonna), Jacqueline Lamont (Jessica Simpson owns many of her $132 newsboy caps), and Tracy Watts (the $242 Pinched Fedora was worn to great effect by Jennifer Lopez).
However, if committing to such investments seems silly, we respectfully direct you to Hollywood Hatter hollywoodhatters.com. Their Derby Bowler ($40, in black, white, red, brown, or blue) and Small Brim Fedora (also $40, in brown, black, and gray) are exactly like Lindsay and KateÂ's, respectively. They also make a grand pork pieÂ--in the style of Buster Keaton, Charles Mingus, and seen on Proenza SchoulerÂ's Spring 2007 runwayÂ--for the small sum of $40. As a mere moral, we canÂ't swear you wonÂ't have mussy hair when you remove your stylish new hat, but you will look fantastic, and isnÂ't that what really counts? Sure.


*Did you guess the hidden star? The answer is, Kate Moss!

photos of Lindsay and Kate Hudson, courtesy of www.x17online.com


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