What Your Favorite Summer Accessory Says About You

What Your Favorite Summer Accessory Says About You

We all know what our astrological signs reveal about our personalities, but what does that overstuffed purse or quirky phone case say about you?

Scroll though to find out—you may be revealing more than you know.



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    You Always Wear: An Oversized Bag

    You may or may not be known by your friends as the "bag lady,” but you couldn't care less. Why? You’re a gal on the go! You spend busy days away from home and a thoughtful, practical individual like yourself must be prepared for anything. You may get grief about your overpacking tendencies, but that time you broke your bestie into her locked apartment with a mini Swiss-army knife? Hero status. Translation: like a Boy Scout, you’re always prepared.


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    Zara Coloured Leather and Suede Bucket Bag in Navy Blue ($100)

    We’ve been seeing bucket bags everywhere lately, and this beauty won’t break the bank.

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    Clare V. Simple Tote in Camel Suede w/ Black and White ($450)

    The graphic vertical lines down this classic shopper give it a lovely, sporty touch.

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    Sophie Hulme Structured Buckle Leather Tote in Black ($1159)

    This glossy black carryall is a worthy splurge, for bag ladies and non-bag ladies alike.

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    You Always Wear: Statement Earrings

    Someone has a flair for drama! The statement earring is for the woman who isn't afraid to boldly express her personal style. From the classically glamorous to the cool and quirky, you're fashionably fearless, and people admire that about you. It also can't hurt that a rad pair of earrings draws attention up to that pretty face of yours—but you already know that.

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    Mango Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings in Chocolate ($20)

    Does a great tortoiseshell accessory ever really go out of style? We think not. 

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    Tom Binns Babe Barbed-Wire Drop Earrings ($119)

    For the edgy gal (or any of us who want to pretend for the day), these are so necessary.

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    Boohoo Kerry Gem and Bug Statement Earrings in Gold ($10)

    These earrings prove that bugs can be chic—how very Moonrise Kingdom of you.

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    You Always Wear: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    You may romanticize a past that you weren’t even a part of—well, unless watching Grease counts—but who cares? You dig the retro vibe and appreciate a certain amount of ladylike glamour. Viva la feminine! 

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    The Row Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($460)

    The color-blocked translucent frame updates the traditional shape of these cat-eye sunglasses.

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    Saint Laurent Cat Eye Acetate and Metal Sunglasses in Black ($189)

    This classic pair of sunnies is begging to be paired with a high-waisted swimsuit at the beach.

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    Céline Transparent Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($295)

    These Céline frames are as versatile as they are beautiful.

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    You Always Wear: Headphones

    PHOTO: Le 21éme

    Wish your life was set to a soundtrack? Us too. You don't just like music; you need it to get through the day. Similarly, you surround yourself with art, books, and films that inspire you. You're a one-woman creative powerhouse with strong opinions, and if anyone ever gives you a glare while you’re rocking out on your way to work: whatever.

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    URBANEARS x H&M Headphones in Blue ($50)

    These printed beauties are a stand-alone accessory, period.

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    Frends Layla Leather and Rose Gold-Tone Headphones ($150)

    This sleek pair of headphones boasts summer’s classic hue and a glamorous dose of rose gold. Yes, please.

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    Molami Pleat Nappa Leather Over-The-Ear Headphones ($380)

    The butter-y black leather and gold accents make these headphones next-level luxurious.

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    You Always Wear: Delicate Layered Necklaces

    If you love delicate layered necklaces, you’re always up to date with the latest goings-on of the fashion world! You know that impeccable style is in the tiny details—and that hint of glimmer around the collarbone is always lovely. You don't need to make a loud statement to look polished and put together. You're elegant and chic, but you'd never admit it out loud.

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    Serafina Delicate Vintage Channels Necklace in Black ($70)

    The only thing better than one lariat is two. Also awesome: the fact that this necklace would peek through a lower-cut blouse perfectly.

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    Jennifer Zeuner Layering Chain Collar Necklace in Gold ($318)

    On board with the choker trend? This sleek Jennifer Zeuner piece is adaptable and oh-so elegant.

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    Arme De L'Amour Layered Gold-Plated Necklace ($395)

    The filigree cross and horn charms add a nice twist to this gold, layered necklace.

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    You Always Have: A Quirky Phone Case

    PHOTO: Le 21éme

    You’re an eccentric, and you dread nothing more than being called basic. You march to the beat of your own drummer, sartorially speaking and otherwise. You pick your clothing, decor, and accessories based on what makes your heart sing, even if others may say "huh?" Besides, who doesn't want an extra pair of (bunny) ears when on the phone?

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    Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Bunny Silicone iPhone Cover in Bright Coral ($50)

    These may not help you listen, but you will get tons of compliments.

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    Kate Spade New York Odometer iPhone 5 & 5s Case ($27)

    Speed around town with this rad phone case—the gold hardware is a winning addition.

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    Moschino Bear iPhone Cover in Beige ($75)

    Go big or go home, right? Now you always have something to hug.

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    You Always Wear: Wayfarers

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You're all about sticking to the classics, and we're willing to bet your closet is chock-full of Breton striped tees, silky button-down shirts, and elegant staple jewelry. You are the patron saint of easy, effortless style. Tradition isn't tired when you're the one wearing it.

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    Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses in Tortoise/Green ($155)

    Remember what we said above about a great tortoiseshell accessory? We meant it. There’s a reason these frames never get tucked away in a drawer for too long.

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    ASOS Preppy Wayfarer Sunglasses with Clear Frame and Color Mirror Lens ($15)

    The mirrored lenses and translucence add subtle ‘80s spirit to these wayfarers. 

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    Stella McCartney Mirror Wayfarer Sunglasses in White & Cream ($270)

    These oversized wayfarers maintain a classic shape, but still feel fresh and modern.

    What are your go-to accessories this summer, and what do they say about you? Sound off below on what you'll be sporting all season!

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