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What should I wear for a girls' night out?

What should I wear for a girls' night out?

As seasoned fashionistas, we have come to the realization that we dress either for girls or for boys. While many of our bold fashion choices go entirely unappreciated by the men in our lives, our lady friends provide endless amounts of inspiration and ogling, impacting and elevating how we dress. So when it comes to a girls' night out, play with daring silhouettes and experiment with abandon.

Must-Try #1: Cool Suiting
​A body-conscious dress is an obvious option--if you're in Vegas--but why not try an easy suit instead? This slightly masculine duo (think: a carrot-leg trouser with a slightly more fitted blazer) is the perfect backdrop for an unexpected top (maybe a lingerie-inspired corset or a little bandeau top). Either way, it's a chicer choice.

Must-Try #2: Voluminous Skirts
​A GNO is the ideal time to experiment with volume, so if you'd like to play with a full skirt, go for it. And don't think you have to stick to basic colors; there's something strangely festive and fun about an unexpected print (oversized florals!) or color (bright aubergine!).

Must-Try #3: Baggy Jeans
​Speaking of volume, a night out with your friends is definitely the time to break out your slouchy, baggy jeans that are so awesome but feel impossible to wear. Pair them with a small ladylike blouse (rounded collars and little puffy sleeves feel ironic) and a pointed flat or heel for maximum of-the-moment cool.

Must-Try #4: Harem Pants
​No matter if you're going dancing or planning an elaborate dinner, this is an excellent occasion to embrace harem pants--they're so effortless and comfy to boot. Wear them with a clean and structured top or tee and throw on super fancy jewels to dress up this otherwise casual silhouette.

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Emily Current & Meritt Elliott

You probably are already familiar with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. These Los Angeles-based stylists are known for their work with red-carpet favorites like Emma Roberts and Mandy Moore, to name a few. In addition to their noteworthy stylist careers, the ladies are also the geniuses behind the beloved denim brand Current/Elliott, and debuted their first design collaboration—Westward for Kate Spade, a small collection of key handbags—last year. They will be answering your style questions, so be sure to submit your most pressing queries today!

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