11 Things You Should Never Wear On A Date--Are You Guilty?

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    Read on for a definitive list of items that you should never wear on a date…unless, that is, you don’t want a second one. 

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    1. Sneakers

    "Sneakers are a big no-no on a date. A pair of Louboutin heels are sexy and make a great first impression!" —Zina Charkoplia of Fashion Vibe

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    2. Glitter & Sequins

    “Don't wear glitter or sequins. It looks crazy. This also goes for glittery makeup—it's a date, not prom.” —Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge

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    3. Turtlenecks

    "Turtlenecks are a definite no-no for dates. Even though I'm a huge fan, I wouldn't want to remind the guy of his mom." —Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What

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    4. Uncomfortable Heels

    “Don't wear heels you know you aren't going to be comfortable in, no matter how great they look. You don't want to end up hobbling around the whole time.” — Jenn Camp of Le Fashion

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    5. Tight & Short

    "This may be my personal MO when it comes to style, but I tend to shy away from anything too short or constricting, especially on a first date. The last thing I want to feel is uncomfortable or like I have to constantly tug at a hemline. Don't get me wrong, I love a good mini, just as long as it's easy to sit and enjoy dinner in." —Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow

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    6. Too Much Perfume

    “A simple light fragrance or smelling clean is far more attractive than loads of perfume. Less is more.” —Ann Kim of Andy Heart

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    7. An Overly Revealing Top

    "Don't wear cropped bandeau tops. Too many things can go wrong in that scenario, and you'll come on too strong." —Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion

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    8. Flip-Flops

    "Flip-flops are a definite no-no on a date. Unless of course, you're on a deserted island!" —Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty

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    9. Tracksuit

    “I would never wear a tracksuit on a date.” —Saray Martin of Dans Vogue

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    10. High-Waisted Jeans

    “High-wasted jeans. Guys don't like the way your butt looks in them, unless maybe you look like a Victoria’s Secret model—even then you’re pushing it.” — Courtney Trop of Always Judging

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    11. Sandals + Socks

    “Don't do jelly sandals on white socks unless you know that your date shops at American Apparel'” —Marta Pozzan of Its Super Fashion

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