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What can I wear with a printed spring coat/jacket?

What can I wear with a printed spring coat/jacket?

We applaud you for taking the plunge and buying some fresh jackets and coats in fun spring prints. But now that you have them hanging in your closet, you may be stumped on how to ease this trend into your look. Here are our three simple suggestions on what to wear them with!

Styling Suggestion #1: Wear It With All White
If you are keen on making your new floral blazer the star of your outfit, keep it totally crisp and clean by wearing all white underneath. The simplest approach is to rock it with a white tee and white cropped jeans, but white wide-leg or straight-leg trousers are equally palatable. If you want to elevate your floral blazer and white t-shirt from casual to office or cocktail-hour worthy, just swap out the jeans for a white pencil skirt or little white dress instead.

Styling Suggestion #2: Mix Those Prints
If you're feeling a bit more daring, we suggest mixing your printed jacket with another print! Be sure that they complement each other rather than compete. For example, we are tickled over a wide striped tee, top, or tank under a brighter floral jacket. Just be sure the prints' proportions work together and the colors mix well. When in doubt, go for classic prints like sailor stripes, polka dots, and leopard!

Styling Suggestion #3: Keep Things Casual
​You don't have to be dressy or daring to try this look. Even if your uniform leans more towards denim and tees or khakis and white wovens, you can still work a print jacket into your repertoire. Keep your overall outfit effortless and casual--think: slouchy cigarette jeans or baggy, tapered khaki trousers with a simple tank. Just remember to keep the palette classic and neutral and your print jacket will feel right at home.


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