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What are some cute cover-up options for the beach?

What are some cute cover-up options for the beach?

The sun is out, and so is our longing for an adorable beachy get-up that will work for both wading in the waves and the casual coastal cocktails that follow! We love two distinct cover-up looks right now, so check them out before you hit the beach.

Must-Try Look #1: The Globetrotter Girl
​If you're interested in embracing your inner gypsetter, the key piece to wear is a loose caftan dress, ideally in an ethnic print that sweetly suggests you're a world traveler. We also love a drapey kimono or a colorful tunic in a breezy or gauzy cotton. Don't be afraid to mix prints here--your animal-print bikini would look cool under an ikat or faded floral cover-up. The finishing touch? Add a muted metal or chunky wooden necklace that looks indigenous to somewhere mysteriously beachy and splash away.

Must-Try Look #2: The Beach Bum Beauty
​The vibe you're going for? Think: a summer tomboy who collects seashells and vintage records. To get the look, start by throwing on a pair of super baggy short overalls in either denim or a sweet print. Shortalls not for you? In that case, grab an oversized tee in a light color, super short shorts (printed perhaps?), and top off your outfit with some cool sunglasses and a Panama-inspired hat. Roll your tee's sleeves and add some flat strappy sandals to finish the look!

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About the Stylist


Emily Current & Meritt Elliott

You probably are already familiar with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. These Los Angeles-based stylists are known for their work with red-carpet favorites like Emma Roberts and Mandy Moore, to name a few. In addition to their noteworthy stylist careers, the ladies are also the geniuses behind the beloved denim brand Current/Elliott, and debuted their first design collaboration—Westward for Kate Spade, a small collection of key handbags—last year. They will be answering your style questions, so be sure to submit your most pressing queries today!

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