Faux Fur

Fake fur is back and itÂ's sweeping into stores with a great big fuzzy wuzzy force! We realized that the last time we saw such an abundance of artificial fur, Clueless was in theaters and Clinton was in office (12 long years ago, dear readers).

Much has changed since Cher reassured Dionne that her backpack was, like totally Â"faux,Â" like major improvements in the design and product quality of fake fur. Fact of the matter is that with the uptick of real fur on the runways, designers have scrambled to create faux duds for the fashion-conscious anti-fur folks. The results of their labors are pretty fantastic, especially with major names like Anna Sui and Topshop in the game. Read on for the style details and shopping information for our favorite faux pieces.

Shaggy Fur Coat ($140)
This cream colored, short coat from Topshop looks very much like pieces we saw on FendiÂ's Fall runway. WeÂ've also seen Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Bosworth in similar-styled outerwear.

Faux Fur Leopard Coat ($505)
Anna SuiÂ's leopard-print coat has an oversized lapel and three-quarter length sleeves (all the better to show off a sick pair of gloves).

Faux Fur White Jacket ($239)
We are madly in love with the retro, metal wolf clasps and empire waist of this faux fur piece. The Built by Wendy jacket has three-quarter length sleeves and also comes in black.

Faux Fur Swing Coat ($448)
The blonde shade of this Juicy coat is incredibly flattering on both fair-haired gals and ladies with raven locks. It comes with a removable black brooch and has cropped sleeves (notice a trend here?).



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