Vogue Wants You to Dress More Androgynously for Your Next Date

Jessica Schiffer

Le 21ème

Dating style tends toward the pretty cliché—little black dress, skinny jeans and heels, etc. There’s nothing wrong with those options (I’m a fan), but they’re not exactly groundbreaking. Vogue, however, has offered up a different option that’s pretty unexpected for the glossy—embrace androgyny.

In a piece titled “For Your Next Date Night Look, Why Not Shake Off Those Gender Norms?,” writer Marjon Carlos cites designers like Hood by Air and J.W.Anderson, as well as the critically acclaimed indie film Blue is the Warmest Color, as inspiration. “While fashion can hardly determine personal identity,” he writes, “it can certainly help us play with its construction, no?”

And, as he points out, with so many sartorial options at our disposal these days, we’d be silly to fall back on tired standbys. Instead, he suggests trying out pieces that are not so overtly feminine: a Saint Laurent button-down and tie, perhaps, or a structured denim jacket from Helmut Lang—pieces that were once contained to the arena of men.

A killer date is all about confidence, after all, and, as Carlos sees it, “this is the bold declaration we’ve all been waiting for.”

What do you think about Vogue’s date-night suggestion? Sound off in the comments, and get a head start on the look with some of our favorite loafers!

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