The One Heel Style to Let Go of This Year

Michelle Scanga

Welcome to our Ask an Editor series, where each month I'll answer a question submitted by our lovely readers. How does it work, you ask? At the end of this story, submit your style- or fashion-related question, and I'll pick the top submission to solve next month (and maybe even give you a shout-out!).

From affordable summer shoes to the types of heels that are out, it was all about shoes in my inbox this month. Nearly every style submission centered around summer styles and requests for tips on the next style to add to your shoe collection. Ask and you shall receive… Today I'm focusing on the one heel style to move to the back of your closet and the versatile option to replace it with. Thank you for all the submissions, and be sure to submit your next fashion-related question at the end!

Scroll down to find out the one heel style to retire (for now) and the shoe style to replace it with.



Michelle Scanga

A skilled shopper and proud denim hoarder, Michelle hustled her way into the fashion industry straight from Kansas. Working in the fast-paced and always evolving digital space fits her Gemini personality to a T. From hunting down affordable (and on-trend) fashion items to answering countless What should I wear to X? questions from her friends, Michelle is excited to share her expertise with you!

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