All The Tools You Need to Organize Your Closet

Shop these expert-approved must-haves to get a perfectly organized wardrobe.
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  • Perhaps the season for spring cleaning is over, but in our humble opinion, organizing your closet is always in style. While we’ve already gone over tips and tricks on how to sort the jumble of clothes in your wardrobe, today’s How To will show you the exact tools you need to achieve an orderly closet! We went straight to Lili Pettit, the creator of Clutter Healing, for her favorite must-have items. From drawer dividers to maximize your dresser’s potential to woven baskets ideal for displaying accessories, click through our slideshow to shop all of Pettit’s practical essentials now.

  • “Hang tags are available at any office supply store. They’re a great way to label bins or baskets that won't allow for a stick-on label.”

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    Williams-Sonoma Cords & Tags Set ($20)

  • “Use a fashionable low basket for jewelry or sunglasses. My favorite stores are The Container Store, West Elm, Maison Midi, and a few vintage spots I keep secret!”

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    West Elm Traditional Tonga Basket ($39)

  • “A great basket can be used for anything from small clutch handbags to organizing exercise clothing per activity.”

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    Crate & Barrel Woven Felt Bins ($30-$35)

  • “Step stools are imperative for utilizing every vertical square inch of a closet or pantry space.”

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    Urban Home Petite Linen Stool ($79)

  • “I love these thin non-slip hangers from The Container Store. They’re a huge space saver.”

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    The Container Store Black Huggable Hangers ($10 for pack of 10)

  • “Drawer dividers are amazing for utilizing a drawer to its fullest potential. I often use them to separate athletic or dress socks, bras, panties, slips, and more.”

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    The Container Store Dream Drawer Organizers ($16 each)

  • “I use a P-Touch label maker. Changing the width to 1/2-inch helps save label tape and allows for more words on the label if need be.”

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    Brother P-Touch PT-90 Personal Label Maker ($30)

  • “I love the L.L.Bean canvas bags and bins from Serena & Lily for a play room, as they’re small enough for kids to handle and can be washed if needed. Serena & Lily offers chic bins and baskets that aren't plastic, which I loathe.”

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    L.L.Bean Open-Top Boat and Tote Bag ($21)

  • “When a client of mine needed additional hanging rods, instead of spending money on hiring a handyman and adding permanent rods, we used these add-on rods. They’re great for kids’ closets as well!”

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    Umbra Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander ($20)

  • “Plastic dry-cleaning bags are terrible for keeping clothing stored in the short or long-term. Fabric cannot breathe in plastic. I love cotton garment bags especially for gowns or sequined, beaded items that might snag other clothing items.”

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    The Container Store Natural Cotton Jacket & Coat Garment Bags ($18-$20)

  • “Waterfall skirt hangers are great for hanging lots of short skirts and dressy shorts in a smaller closet. I never waterfall more than four pieces and I never use them for pants.”

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    The Container Store Chrome Add-On Skirt/Pant Hangers ($6 each)

  • “Clothes will always end up in the proper dresser or closet if they have these labels stuck inside. I see kid's clothes in the wrong kid's room so often. These labels make a huge difference! And they really do stay stuck on after washing and drying. I also recommend Name Bubbles Tag Clothing Labels ($22) which you can press and stick on.”

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    One Eyed Bee Custom Clothing Labels ($24 for 100 labels)

  • “When a client works with a domestic staff to keep everything in place, once I have set up a system, these clothing rod dividers are the best!”

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    The Container Store Simple Division Closet Rod Organizers ($10 each)

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