The devil might be in the details, but our fine-looking trio today doesnÂ't seem to have any issues in the nuance department. In fact, theyÂ're all demonstrating a mastery of the small stuff by making unexpected or subtle style statements. Feel free to nick an idea or three from our tip-tastic muses; we assure you, weÂ're doing the same.

1. Try a bold beaded necklace for an ethnic touch
We spotted our next detail-driven tip on former GOTM, Ally Hilfiger, when she attended the launch party for Envirolution at Marquee in New York. She layered another level of interest on her outfit by adding two statement-making, intricate, beaded necklaces. Her use of jewelry is an excellent example of how to subtly incorporate the seasonÂ's tribal trend into your wardrobe. We took the liberty of finding a few choice pieces for your perusal, like the Changing Tides Tassel Necklace ($48) from Free People (we really like the turquoise and red versions). Stella McCartneyÂ's simple and sophisticated Beaded Necklace ($285) is another chic way to wear the look.

2. A canvas bag is a cool unfussy fashion statement
ThereÂ's much to like about Alexa ChungÂ's highly idiosyncratic, completely steadfast, unabashedly low-maintenance look. Like how she tends to wear flats to dressy events, her earthy beauty routine that seems to consist of soap and water, and now, Chung's anti-it bag. Seen here at the Belvedere Jagger Dagger party in London, Chung chose a cotton tote celebrating the Black Lips latest album over designer offerings. We dare you to pick canvas over couture too! WeÂ'll even get you started: the Reuse Me Butterfly Tote ($12) from Urban Outfitters and the All We Need Is Love Tote ($12) by Heritage 1981 are both good options. We also like the slightly more upscale Virginia Johnson Beach Tote ($185).

3. Experiment with this seasonÂ's new cropped pant
As we mentioned in the Who What Wear TV episode, Perfect Pants for Spring, one of our favorite looks in the pantalones department is the slightly baggy/sort of cropped style. On that note, we were quite delighted to see Diane Kruger modeling an ideal pair at a Rogan for Target event last week. KrugerÂ's styling is spot-on: we love the how her tough Dior heels and sparkly, cropped jacket play against the boyish trousers. Try Alexander WangÂ's Oversized Cropped Pants ($280), Vanessa BrunoÂ's Athe High Waist Pant ($347), or the Cropped Trouser ($310) by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Photo of Alexa, Pacific Coast News.
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