TodayÂ's tips are perfect for any readers who (like us) are massively bored with summer clothes but not ready, willing, or able to break into fall duds. TheyÂ're weather-friendly ways to incorporate some of the seasonÂ's biggest upcoming trends without looking wildly inappropriate.

1. Let Your Chain Hang Low
In a variation of the across-body look, you can transition into fall by wearing your bag like Mischa Barton. By extending the strap on her Chanel purse to its longest length, Barton puts an unexpected, totally modern, 70Â's spin on the bag. On another note, the chain strap is also quite popular for fall, as designers like Derek Lam, YSL, Bottega, and Marc Jacobs incorporated this detail into their handbags.

2. Opt For Oversized T-Shirts
Tees have been going through a form of yo-yo dieting. They were sloppy big back in the late 80Â's, shrunk to baby-sized in the 90Â's, and have been somewhere in between ever since. Ashley Olsen got it right at a recent Miss Davenport/LORAC party in LA when she wore an oversized t-shirt from The Row menÂ's fall collection tucked into a fitted leather mini skirt (also The Row). Mary Kate is also a fan of this style (as weÂ've pointed out) and recently has been wearing t-shirts by Mark and Estel. If you like the look, you'll adore their perfect v-neck. ($108,

3. Stock Up On Belts For Your Denim
Thanks to all the recent tucking in, we realized that we have a bit of a Goldilocks issue when it comes to belts. WeÂ've got long belts (to wear on the hips with flowing tunics) and short belts (to wear on the waist with dresses), but not enough in-between-belts. Take a tip from Sienna and pick up some belts to wear with denimÂ--through the belt loops please! J. Crew makes excellent classic options like their Distressed Leather Belt ($45, ItÂ's only 1 1/2 inches wide and has a perfectly beat up, vintage look. Vince makes a more fashion-forward option in the form of their Braided Belt. It's 1/2 inch wide and comes in dark brown or black. ($95,

4. Unpack Your Lightweight Scarves
Before your start hollering about how scarves are not Â"weather-friendlyÂ" weÂ'd like to reiterate that weÂ're talking about super soft, practically sheer scarves, not the thick and wooly kind. Believe it or not, you can wear a lightweight cotton scarf instead of a thin cardigan and stay warm on (most) summer nights. Free PeopleÂ's Pinstripe Scarf fits the bill, we like it in charcoal best. ($78,

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