Head Gear

We all have days that are not splendid hair days. Upon the rare (read: frequent) occasion when this happens we have solutionsÂ--buns, braids, chignonsÂ--that do not involve rhinestones or Pucci prints. Unfortunately the aforementioned headgear has been manifesting itself on the domes of otherwise fine ladies and we beseech them to stop. ItÂ's time to stop torturing your forehead (and our eyes) with decoration. ItÂ's not just the scarves masquerading as headbandsÂ--though weÂ're wildly tired of this look tooÂ--itÂ's all the other cranial accoutrement that really needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. The leather straps worn Atreyu-style? The Gwen Stefani stolen, Alice in Wonderland-inspired, thick black bands? Again, rhinestones? We have seen them once, we have seen them a thousand times, and we hope we never see them again. Ladies, please return your kerchiefs and scarves to their rightful places and cease and desist on this overplayed trend (Your Majesty, weÂ're talking to you too).


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