Thursday, September, 06, 2007 If we have to open a weekly or browse another website showing celebs in little summer dresses┬--to say nothing of pale fedoras┬--we think we might scream. Obviously it is hot as hell (the office power went out on Tuesday) and obviously we don┬'t expect sweltering readers to wrap up in wool coats, but seriously people, we┬'re putting summer in the time out corner.

Consider this our attempt at a rain dance, or more specifically, an autumn weather dance. In some small part of our small heads, we┬'re hoping that by placing summer on a time out, this will in turn work some magic on the atmosphere. Crazy, we know, but we┬'re still hopeful.

If you too are over the heat, the humidity, and the horribly boring outfits, and are anxious to wear our new fall outfits, perhaps the above outfits will give you a little hope that season┬'s end is in sight. Soon you┬'ll be able to wear your statement coats, like the cozy gray one Ashley Olsen recently wore in New York, or classic jackets, like the trench Kirsten wore in London. Hopefully in just a few short weeks, you┬'ll have reason to pull out your opaque tights and boots┬--perfect garb for a drizzly stomp around town, as Keira demonstrated above.

Until then, we┬'ll just mope here in a pool of our own sweat, too hot to talk, and dream of woolly berets.

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