When we were learning how to write as youngsters, we were taught that grammarÂ's rules always had an exception. With this spirit in mind, WhoWhatWearDaily is breaking our own rule. Today, we care if you eat, specifically, we care if you eat Pinkberry. We are so over the Pinkberry hype that weÂ're tossing this edible trend straight into the Time Out Corner.

Surely many readers will hate on us for writing about their beloved treat in a less-than-favorable light, but we feel VERY strongly about this trend. Pinkberry is the Kitson of fro-yo. Our reasons for having issues?

1) Red Velvet Rope
Excuse me, but is this a yogurt store or a Bolthouse club? Their rope and stanchion setup is not a means of handling crazy customers and foot traffic, it is a clearly wannabe signifier of exclusivity. This gives us the nerdy chills.

2) No Photograph Rule
There is actually a guard stationed in front of LA stores who gruffly mandates, Â"No cameras allowed.Â" Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards? We might understand. Inside a movie theater? Yeah, we get that too. But no pictures of a yogurt store?? Come. On.

3) It Tastes Gross
If youÂ're into sour frozen milk, thatÂ's cool. WeÂ're not.

ItÂ's not like the product itself has the duel powers of La Mer-meets-Fountain-of-Youth with a fresh strawberry chaser. Devotees of the Pinkberry brag that itÂ's Â"practically good for youÂ" and get all excited about the Â"live and activeÂ" yogurt cultures. The stuff is not exactly perfect food: a 5 oz. plain small (without topping) has 125 calories and 30 grams of carbs (25 of which are sugar). Horizon Organic Fat-Free plain yogurt from the grocery story has only 90 calories and 13 grams of carbs (11 of which are sugar). And itÂ's cheaper! Argh!

Sorry for the rant. Tomorrow we will be back to our regular scheduled programming.

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