Commando Style

Commando Style
Wednesday, November, 29, 2006 Today we are strapping on our cape and transforming into the fearless crusader, Captain Obvious, to bring you the following public service announcement. ┬"To whom it may concern (B, M, and P, listen up). WhoWhatWearDaily is officially announcing a Time Out for Commando.┬"

Ladies we┬'re all for you being proud of your labias, but we don┬'t really want to see them. Ever. We find this recent spate of freemuffing disturbing, particularly because it keeps happening upon the exiting and entering of vehicles. It seems like a no-brainer to us┬--you know the flash factor is high in this situation, so put on some smalls and call it a day. Perhaps you┬'ve heard of the wildly popular Hanky-Panky panties? Perhaps you could buy some? Captain Obvious thanks you in advance.
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