Black Nail Polish

Black nail polish once was sole providence of gloomy goths and Halloween festivities. Then in 1994, Karl Lagerfeld showed ChanelÂ's Vamp on the runway and suddenly it was chic to have nearly noir nails. The polish scale swung back to light for a while, but we personally became re-devotees of dark polish last fall (if merely to freak out our fathers). In fact, we havenÂ't let anything lighter than OPIÂ's Lincoln Park After Dark grace our hands since. However, it is with our last chipping manicure that we have decided to put blackish polish into deep freeze storage.

The thought occurred to us when getting a polish change recently. Almost everyone in our mani/pedi salon was fighting over a few bottles of purple-black, red-black, and just-plain-black nail varnish. ThereÂ's no statement to the look when cultivated by Beverly Hills mommies and daughters alike. So farewell to you dark polish, weÂ'll see you next year, hopefully not until late October.


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