Throwback Thursday: Vintage Photos of Our Favorite Fashion Icons

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    Take an especially fabulous walk down memory lane. Right this way, dahling.

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    PHOTO: Ron Galella/WireImage

    Marc Jacobs

    Nowadays, the designer is all taut muscles and tattoos but this candid from 1990 reminds us of his grunge roots.

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    PHOTO: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

    The Olsen twins rarely make a fashion misstep these days, so it’s always fun to dredge up their past of matching outfits and DeGlo color schemes. Granted they were five-year-olds when this photo was taken, so we guess we’ll cut them some slack.

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    PHOTO: Ron Galella/WireImage

    Cindy Crawford

    The supermodel shares a laugh with a pal at the The Love Ball AIDS Benefit in 1989. If it weren't for his questionable side-shave, this sexy mis-en-scène could be mistaken for a professional fashion shoot.

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    PHOTO: Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie

    “Dreams DO come true. Well, this one didn't, but a lot of them do,” wrote Richie about this oldie-but-goodie (note: the perfectly coordinated scrunchie/outfit combo).

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    PHOTO: Foc Kan/WireImag

    Carine Roitfeld

    The French editor was snapped at a 1993 party for Jean Paul Gaultier with daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, who has since grown up to be an international style-setter in her own right.

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    PHOTO: Gisele Bundchen

    Gisele Bundchen

    We've always been firm believers that everyone goes through an awkward stage. Clearly, we were wrong.

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    PHOTO: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

    Naomi Campbell

    Behold, a supermodel in the making. A fresh-faced Campbell struts her stuff at the Yves Saint Laurent S/S show in 1988.

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    PHOTO: Ron Galella/WireImage

    Diane von Furstenberg

    Satorially-speaking, '70s were a notoriously tricky decade to navigate. However, the perma glam designer emerged unscathed. Here, she's seen with then husband, Egon von Furstenberg, at the 9 O’Clock Ball at The Rainbow Room in 1972.

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    PHOTO: Miranda Kerr

    Miranda Kerr

    Kerr has been accused of getting dimple implants (seriously, people, are those even a thing?) but the model's adorable baby pic proves her trademark feature is the real deal.  

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    PHOTO: RDA/Getty Images

    Karl Lagerfeld

    We can’t help but chuckle over this image of the Kaiser striking a pose with Paloma Picasso at the 1978 Venetian Ball. Even back then, Lagerfeld loved an eccentric getup.

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    PHOTO: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

    Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

    The combined hotness of this couple—pictured here in 1990—is practically bursting out of the frame. We’re still mourning their breakup. Oh, l'amour.

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    PHOTO: Alexa Chung

    Alexa Chung

    “Eyebrow and attitude problems. Double whammy,” quipped the model when she posted this photo of herself, aged fourteen, on Instagram.

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    PHOTO: Jim Smeal/WireImage

    Sofia Coppola

    The director stepped out with Keanu Reeves at the 1992 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards. Note to self: Pair wine-colored loafers with all-black ensemble for an effortlessly cool vibe.

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    PHOTO: Cara Delevigne

    Cara Delevigne

    “I love me some repstyle,” joked the British model of this photo that she posted on Instagram recently.

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