The On-Trend Shoe Update You Can Make Yourself

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    Since feather embellishments are taking flight this fall—they appeared on numerous runways, including Christopher Kane, Gucci, and Emilio Pucci—we thought it only appropriate that our September project hit on the look. Offering a fresh take on the trend, Domesek’s feather ankle wrap is not only an easy way to update your favorite heels or ankle boots, but also serves as the perfect accoutrement to a festive party look. Want to get started? Click through now to shop everything you need and our easy-to-follow steps. 

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    P.S.—You’re Invited ($18) by Erica Domesek

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    -Feather Trim ($14)

    -1.5-inch Velvet Ribbon ($22)

    -Dritz Unique Stitch Adhesive ($5)

     -Velcro Sticky Back Tape ($3)


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    Step One: Cut It

    Measure the ribbon and feather trim to fit the circumference of your ankle, adding an extra inch to each. 

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    Step Two: Glue It

    Lay the ribbon flat with the velvet side facing down. Glue the feather trim to the center of the ribbon.

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    Step Three: Fold It

    Apply another strip of glue along the feather trim and fold the top half of ribbon over it. Press firmly and wait until dry.

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    Step Four: Velcro It

    Once the glue is completely dry, place a one-inch strip of Velcro on the inside of one end and the outside of the other. 

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    Final Product

    Pair the feather ankle wraps with either an ankle bootie or basic pumps and a LBD for your next night out. 

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PS--You're Invited

PS--You're Invited

Erica Domesek, $18
Feather Trim

Feather Trim

Velvet Ribbon

Velvet Ribbon

Unique Stitch Adhesive

Unique Stitch Adhesive

Dritz, $5
Sticky Back Tape

Sticky Back Tape

Velcro, $3
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