Career Tips From The Women Who Turned $200 Into $250 Million

Career Tips From The Women Who Turned $200 Into $250 Million

It seems like everyone has a bit of career advice to give, but whose guidance should you follow? We’re placing our bets on the whip-smart founders of Juicy Couture, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, who share their refreshingly honest career advice in their new book The Glitter Plan ($20, also available at here). We distilled some of the best nuggets of wisdom into do’s and don’ts that apply to any workplace. Pick up the book ASAP, and in the meantime, scroll through for the career tips that will actually help you excel at the office.

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    Tip 1: Do use what you have to get ahead.

    “There is nothing wrong with using naiveté, humor, or just plain being a girl to your advantage, especially in the world of business, where they are going to use all of that to beat you up.”

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    Tip 2: Don’t rely on the status quo. Always look ahead.

    “We did a three-quarter-sleeve shrug and a cap-sleeve shrug. We couldn’t sell enough of them. Then one day, they died. We were washing our cars with them. You always have to keep your eyes and ears open.”

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    Tip 3: Do be flexible. Roll with the changes, don’t fight them.

    “In business, and in life, you’ve got to know how to bob and weave.”

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    Tip 4: Don’t undervalue the power of personal connections and thoughtful gestures.

    “She [Janey Lopaty, Juicy Couture VP of Public Relations] forged relationships with stars she thought would be good ambassadors for the brand and hand-selected pieces to send to each person. She knew Cameron Diaz loved the color blue, for example, so she would send her all the newest Juicy pieces in blue.”

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    Tip 5: Do stand up for yourself, no matter how low you are on the ladder.

    “There comes a point where if a store is treating you badly, like Barneys was to us, you have to stop and say, ‘If you want to sell Juicy, it has to be on our terms as well. It can’t only be on yours.’ It can be scary to say no, especially for a young designer. But you have to be tough, be you own advocate.”

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    Tip 6: Don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Be original.

    “The fragrance team was trying to push us in the direction of what was popular then, which was Thierry Mugler’s Angel, bottled in a sculptural star. But that wasn’t us. You don’t win following others, you win when you have a new idea.”

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    Tip 7: Do make sure you know where your priorities lay.

    “The age-old question about women and the workplace is, Can you have it all? The answer is no. When you’re driven, something in your life does always suffer.”

    What career advice do you have? We'd love to hear it in the comments below.

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