Fashion Emergency Kit: Be Prepared For Any Crisis

As former Girl Scouts, we very much believe in being prepared for anything, which is why we keep a fashion emergency kit on us at all times. It might sound slightly neurotic, but you never know when an inopportune style crisis might strike.

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  • More than once we've had a heel cap come off while dashing to a meeting or spilled something on our white jeans at lunch--problems that need to be fixed immediately. As such, today we're sharing all of the essentials we keep on hand for those less-than-ideal moments and hope you feel inspired to create your own kit!

  • Anya Hindmarch In Flight Clear Case
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    Anya Hindmarch

    In Flight Clear Case ($250) in Clear


    Skip the Ziplock bag for a more stylish clear case, like this one from Anya Hindmarch. It's small enough to throw in a glove compartment or in a medium-size handbag, plus the see-through packaging allows you to find what you need quickly.

  • Gal Pal

    Garment Deodorant Removers ($10)

    Nothing is more frustrating than a pesky deodorant mark, especially on your favorite black dress. While some swear by rubbing the fabric against itself, we rely on Gal Pal’s sponge removers to do the trick. Buy them immediately; we promise they will change your life.

  • Foot Petals

    Fab Feet Heel Tips ($5)

    We’ve all been there before: that moment when your heel cap unexpectedly comes off or is worn down after months of wear. (The sound of metal clanking against the concrete gives us the chills.) Solution: keep a couple of heel tips in your bag for quick and easy repair.

  • Downey

    Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser ($5)

    Hotels often charge a fortune for pressing and not everyone has a steamer. So what to do when your silk blouse comes out of the suitcase full of wrinkles? Cue Downey’s Wrinkle Releaser. The travel-size spray has a unique formula that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles instantly and leaves your clothes smelling fresh.

  • Commando

    Matchsticks Double Stick Tape ($10)

    It’s amazing what a little adhesive can do. Double-stick tape can repair fallen hems, keep a plunging neckline right where it belongs, and tuck away bra straps. While there are a ton of brands out there, we like Commando’s pretty and easy-grab packaging.

  • Shout

    Stain Remover Wipes ($6) 

    Spill sauce on your new shirt? Not to worry, Shout Stain Remover Wipes instantly lift stains off your clothes--no washing machine required!

  • Commando

    Low Beams Nipple Concealer Adhesives ($10)

    When a dress or top requires you to go sans bra, things can get, well, a bit nipply. Make sure to keep the focus on your killer outfit with Commando’s latex-free and ouch-less concealing adhesives.

  • Tide

    To Go Instant Stain Remover ($8)

    Tide stain remover pens are the best because they’re small and can easily be thrown into an emergency kit, handbag, or glove compartment. Just press the tip of the pen onto the stain several times to release the remover solution, and voila! Your spaghetti stain is gone before you have to give that big presentation.

  • Static Guard

    Aerosol 1.4 oz ($2)

    Peek inside any stylist’s prop kit and you’ll find Static Guard, the quickest and most reliable way to eliminate static cling. This is especially essential in the winter. 

  • Febreze

    To Go Fabric Refresher ($1)

    On-the-go fabric refresher is a lifesaver when we travel. A couple of quick sprays remove unwanted odors caused by suitcases, cooling, or bars.

  • Singer

    Sewing Repair Kit ($3) 

    A small sewing kit filled with the basics--needle, multiple colors of thread, and scissors--comes in handy when you have to replace a button on the spot.

  • Dr. Scholl's

    For Her Heel Liners ($25)

    They say beauty is pain, but we’ve experienced enough blisters in our lifetime to respect the importance of a heel liner. Dr. Scholl’s clear gel version is comfortable on the heel area and prevents rubbing and slipping. Bonus: it can easily be removed without damaging your shoes.

  • Singer

    Assorted Safety Pins ($3)

    Sewing not your forte? Pack a box of safety pins in assorted styles to replace buttons and damaged hook and eye closures.

  • Jane Carr

    Panda Scarf ($245) in Raspberry

    While a bright scarf can be an instant accessory, it can also be used to prevent makeup from transferring onto your clothes. Simply tie it around your face while you’re slipping a top or dress over your head.

  • Rite Aid

    Travel Size Lint Roller ($1)

    When it comes to removing fuzz and pet hair from clothes, a lint roller is your best friend--trust us, tape just doesn’t work as well.

  • Calvin Klein

    Naked Glamour Thong ($12)

    Before you question our next essential, ask yourself: have you ever walked out of the house and realized the dress or pants you were wearing are more sheer than expected? A nude thong will get you out of an embarrassing bind fast.

  • Foot Petals

    Tip Toes Shoe Pads ($7)

    These shoe pads, which come in a range of colors, prints, and shapes, cushion the ball of your foot and prevent your feet from slipping forward. Throw them into your favorite heels and go from day to night with ease!

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