The Clothing & Beauty Items Eva Mendes Can't Live Without This Fall

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    The actress’ exciting design debut, which is available in select stores and online now, speaks to her affinity for accessible, beautiful clothing and accessories and features everything from gorgeous necklaces to day-to-night dresses with easy-chic appeal. As our September Guest Editor, Mendes curated her fall essentials into a must-see slideshow. Click through now to see which items she can’t live without this season!

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    New York & Company Eva Mendes Collection

    Vintage Rose Scarf ($23) in Medium Dusk Wash

    “My must-have accessory is any light scarf that can double as a head wrap. I do this all the time. I have some great scarves in my NY & Co. collection that aren't too thick, so it's easy to make into some sort of turban or headpiece. This is really a look I love.”

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    CH Carolina Herrera

    Large Matryoshka Bag ($780, 310.276.8900) in Navy

    “I love a tote because it holds everything. I especially love this Carolina Herrera navy tote. If I love a bag, I'm not eager to switch it out; I stick with it for a while. I'm a bag loyalist.”

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    Isabel Marant

    Quilame Dress ($2400) in Black and White

    While it’s obvious Mendes has a soft spot for the vintage-inspired dresses she designed for her New York & Company collection, she also called out this embellished style by Isabel Marant as one of her favorites for fall. 

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    New York & Company Eva Mendes Collection

    Soft Pant ($65) in City Leopard

    “I love a loose and slouchy pant, so I made one! They're kind of like pajama pants in leopard. For me, leopard prints are like polka dots: they're classic and will never really go out of style. I think they look best with a heel and a t-shirt.” 

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    Dr. Perricone

    No Foundation Foundation ($50)

    “My best friend is Dr. Perricone's No Foundation Foundation. It’s so light and moisturizing, with just a hint of color to hide the stuff you want hidden. “

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    Royal Violets

    Cologne ($6)

    “Besides my old faithful, Theirry Mugler's Angel, I love a Cuban splash cologne called Royal Violets. You can find it at Cuban markets and it’s less than five dollars. I grew up on this stuff, so I have a special affinity for it. I especially love the tall glass bottle it comes in.  I have one in every bathroom in my house. It's a little piece of my childhood that I always have around. “

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    New York & Company Eva Mendes Collection

    Milano One Button Coat ($160) in Sugar Pink

    “The pink coat I designed for NY & Co. is just about my favorite thing ever! It needs no introduction. It’s a version of the coats you'll see this season without the price. It's a fantastic coat with a very easy fit. “

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    "I love Celine."

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    PHOTO: Imax Tree

    Aquilando Rimondi

    “Aquilando Rimondi has a beautiful big skirt this season that’s so pretty it hurts!” 

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    “I just picked up Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World. It feels a little over my head right now, but I love Sagan so I'm sticking with it!

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    “I've been having my very own John Cassavetes film festival lately. I can't believe it took me this long to do this! How could I really appreciate cinema without knowing his work!? The last one I watched was Minnie and Moskowitz. It’s such a beautiful love story. Gena Rowlands is a mess of a goddess that you can't take your eyes off—so beautiful.” 

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    I always carry Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead with me. It's my favorite book, and I love picking it up and reading it at any given time during my travels."

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    “I love listening to incredibly romantic songs in Spanish called boleros. It's always playing throughout my house, and I've gotten friends addicted to it! I especially love Lucho Gattica's Leyendas record. Listen and weep! Don't say I didn't warn you.”

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Vogue, $88
Quilame Dress

Quilame Dress

Isabel Marant, $2400
No Foundation Foundation

No Foundation Foundation

Dr. Perricone’s, $50


Royal Violets, $6
Eva Mendes Collection Vintage Rose Scarf

Eva Mendes Collection Vintage Rose Scarf

New York & Company, $23
Eva Mendes Collection Soft Pant

Eva Mendes Collection Soft Pant

New York & Company, $65
Eva Mendes Collection Milano One Button Coat

Eva Mendes Collection Milano One Button Coat

New York & Company, $160
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