#TBT Style Spotlight: Gwyneth Paltrow

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    If you fancy a stylish throwback, then be sure to tune in every week for our most recent style retrospect, and how to shop the look!

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    Who: Gwyneth Paltrow
    When: 1998
    Where: A Beck concert in New York.
    Why: We can all agree the ‘90s were awesome, and we’re going to go ahead and attribute this outfit to a large part of that awesomeness.

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    ASOS Strappy Cami Top ($9)

    ​Even with all of the masculine shapes that are currently trending, you can always find a way to incorporate a slim camisole. (Hint: Pencil skirt and sandals.)

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    Steven Linda Low Heel Sandals ($99)

    ​This iteration of a low-heeled strappy sandal is surprisingly chic.

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    Topshop Small Circle Watch ($37)

    ​A dainty, delicate gold watch will always be in style.

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    Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick ($27)

    ​Brown lipstick doesn’t have to stay in the ‘90s.

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    Hobbs Analise Skirt ($130)

    You may already know this, but a pencil skirt is superbly versatile. We enjoy this linen one.

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Linda Low Heel Sandals

Linda Low Heel Sandals

Steven, $99
Small Circle Watch

Small Circle Watch

Topshop, $37
Joli Rouge Lipstick

Joli Rouge Lipstick

Clarins, $27
Strappy Cami Top

Strappy Cami Top

ASOS, $9
Analise Skirt

Analise Skirt

Hobbs, $johnlewis.com
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