Fashion Meets Function

Blogger Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge reveals why versatile all-weather sneakers are the ultimate essential for a well-rounded wardrobe.

Tip 1
“Pair a parka with a more feminine item, like a dress (with tights!), for a more balanced winter look.”
Tip 2
“Beat unpredictable weather by opting for waterproof styles that won’t discolor when wet.”
Tip 3
When it comes to transitional weather, layers that you can take on and off, like scarves, are key.
Tip 4
Love an all-black wardrobe? Stick to your look by opting for a black pair of sneakers on snowy days.
Tip 5
Faux-fur trimmed parkas are always a good winter idea, and this all-weather one will you keep you warm the entire season.
Tip 6
Don't want to be in head-to-toe black? Opt for sneakers in a berry hue to add dimension to your outfit.
Tip 7
Really cold outside? Pair your sneakers with a parka for a chic yet sporty look.
“All Weather Vans are a cooler alternative to rain boots.”
Tip 9
“Add high socks to give your Vans a cool, unique twist.”
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