Eye Candy: 11 Stylish Guys We Love (And You Will, Too)

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    We might be focused on the world's fashionable femmes, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of all the dapper dudes out there. Have you seen Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio lately? Swoon! It’s time to turn the spotlight on our favorite stylish guys in Hollywood, and we asked two experts—stylist Ilaria Urbinati and Michael Williams, founder of men’s style blog A Continuous Lean—to weigh in on their looks. Naturally, hilarity ensued, so keep reading for all the on-point commentary.

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    Jared Leto

    On Leto: Saint Laurent jacket

    Urbinati: Pinstripes were huge on the menswear runways, and he is getting a jump on that trend here, as well as nailing both the double-breasted and mix-and-match suit looks. The magic is that he manages to not look TOO trendy by keeping the look monochromatic.

    Williams: Jared Leto must be in NYC in this picture, doing that Goth banker thing in a double-breasted jacket. It works for him, though.

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    PHOTO: David M. Benett/Getty Images for adidas

    Idris Elba

    On Elba: TBD jacket; Smedly sweater; Diesel jeans.

    Urbinati: This is beyond cool. The quilted jacket is so old-school rich grandfather going hunting in his Jaguar, but it's perfectly tailored.

    Williams: Elba proves that wearing all-black everything always looks good.

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    PHOTO: 247PapsTV / Splash News

    Jay Z

    Urbinati: Only Jay Z could nail this kind of outfit juxtaposition. He's got the super on-trend waxed and canvas raincoat (uniform of every East Coast urbanite worth his GQ), but he's mixing it with these super ‘90s ultra light wash jeans and pale gray hoodie, which is the sort of fashion irony usually pulled off exclusively by hipster girls.

    Williams: For backpack help, see Michael B. Jordan. All that said, Jay Z is still the G.O.A.T.

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    PHOTO: carl wu / Splash News

    David Beckham

    Urbinati: Swoon, this is my favorite! Gotta love a good Newsies look! Here, Beckham is like Dickens' Artful Dodger if he was a world famous rock star athlete. Somehow he manages to look badass instead of precious (the British swagger probably doesn't hurt).

    Williams: David Beckham is the only man in the world (or one of the few) that can actually make a newsboy cap look cool. He always looks stylish and well dressed.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    On DiCaprio: Giorgio Armani suit

    Urbinati: This look says "I'm a movie star, so I don't need the bells and whistles". The lack of tie lends the look its sex appeal, and the perfectly slim trousers make him look like the tall drink of water that he is.

    Williams: Leo is really taking a page out of George Clooney's book with this confident suit/no tie look.

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    PHOTO: Splash News/NIGNY

    Michael B. Jordan

    On Jordan: Dolce & Gabbana coat; Viktor & Rolf pants; Coach bag; Christian Louboutin shoes.

    Urbinati: The secret to pulling off a trench coat without looking like a flasher is the shorter, mid-thigh length. And the fact that he's wearing it almost as a suit jacket replacement is as cool as can be.

    Williams: Michael B. Jordan looks great here. Not many can pull off the backpack with the suit, and he does it with ease.

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    PHOTO: Robert Barbera/INFphoto.com

    Chris Hemsworth

    Urbinati: Any guy who doesn't want to wear a suit can copy this for cocktail hour or even business hours. What seals the deal is the dressy Chelsea boot with the dark jeans, which could almost pass for trousers. (It helps that he's impossibly tall and in perfect shape.)

    Williams: Black, white, and gray always play nicely together. Chris Hemsworth's look is smart and simple, just be careful not to take it too far or it will start to look like you are taking style cues from Cruel Intentions.

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    PHOTO: INFphoto.com

    Ian Somerhalder

    Urbinati: Nothing will crisp up a t-shirt look like a good pair of perfectly raw cuffed jeans with a nice shiny dress boot. The sharp blazer makes the look red carpet-worthy.

    Williams: With a jacket like that, we know for sure that Ian Somerhalder doesn't have anything vampire-y up his sleeves.

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    PHOTO: Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com

    Bradley Cooper

    On Cooper: Tommy Hilfiger by Simon Spurr coat.

    Urbinati: This is one of my favorite coats of his! Dudes who are itching to try the double-breasted trend, but are nervous about committing to a suit, should try the look with a coat. It's more military cool than captain of the ship, therefore easier to pull off.

    Williams: I think Bradley Cooper always looks good. You can tell his own real personal style drives a lot of what he wears.

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    PHOTO: 247PapsTV / Splash News

    Pharrell Williams

    Urbinati: Pharrell can pull off things no one else in the world can. He manages to make this look completely effortless, which is in part because of the beat-up boots and worn-in jeans. The fedora doesn't look passé because of the wider brim.

    Williams: Pharrell is basically dressed like every young guy in Italy: distressed jeans, leather jacket, and designer briefcase. The only thing missing are the Hogan sneakers.

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    PHOTO: Larry Busacca/WireImage

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    On Lewis: Mr Turk suit.

    Urbinati: Two things I'm a huge fan of right now: velvet tuxes and any sort of colored suit. Also, that oversized houndstooth print is badass! Macklemore wisely went with a black bow tie instead of a matching one, or it would have been way too glee club.

    Williams: Macklemore and Lewis wanted to stand out, and they won. Don't try this at home, unless you've got a black tie St. Patrick’s Day party coming up.

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